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drifters: a star trek xi au
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based off this prompt from the st_xi_kink meme, this fic kind of ran away with me.

The drifting embers of dying fires catch in the blistering and unpredictable winds whipping through the scorched hills and valleys of the once verdant grasslands that covered the planet. Seeping from deep fissures in the scorched earth, fire motes churn and swirl in an orgiastic death dance. This is a bacchanalia of fire and all the world is as ash.

Ensign Ramirez runs. What little oxygen that isn’t lost in the planets naturally thin atmosphere is fuel for the fires and every breath is a battle. He’s light headed – dizzy with exhaustion and confusion and a brain starved of oxygen. The shuttle is stark against the blacks and reds that define the landscape and he half stumbles inside, chest heaving, desperately dragging every sweetly cool breath.

Hypoxia delays the shock. Four crewman stare back at him with glazed and unblinking eyes. Serenely smiling, perfectly posed. One in a chair, one slightly slumped over a console. Two more lie on the ground. Blood still drips from their noses, not quite clotted yet. Everyone is dead. He turns tail and runs back into the fires. Better than –

“C-commander? Captain?”

“Yes.” Spock replies. Dulcet tones and a quiet amusement belie his cold features. “And no.” says Kirk with a grin. Spock walks serenely to the Ensign, unperturbed by the calamitous fires around him. Ensign Ramirez has a brief moment to contemplate horror before the smooth fingers of his not Commander gently align along his psi points. The pleasure is pronounced, but the invasion of his mind overwhelming and the pressure unbearable. The bursting of his brain’s arteries is audible. Quietly and ever so slightly the coolly beautiful face of the Vulcan smiles before his companion draws him around. His hands cup the golden face of his lover. Their embrace is passionate with the easy intimacy of long lovers.

All around them the world burns.


Post apocalypse, mirror world. Featuring pirate/bandit/bounty hunter with dubious morals Kirk and serene/beautiful/cruel bottom!Spock who kills with his brain. Real Spock and Kirk don't even have to show up, but bonus points if they all meet up at some point and the crew is equally horrified and turned on/shocked by the all that sexy evilness. Let alone the fact that Kirk and Spock are together. Sorry so tl;dr - this has been rotting my brain for days!
james kirk, mental murder, spock, the flechette gun